Female Patient, 58 years old that had bilateral shoulder pain
for six months before seeing us Aug 2021. She was referred by her
friend who is a patient with us. The pain she had was intermittent and
described it as throbbing. It hurt moving arms and worse with reaching
over head and shampooing hair was difficult. Pain scale was a 9 out of 10.
Past history showed a motor vehicle accident (MVA) Jan 2020.
The traffic was stopping on the highway and she was on the brakes
when the person behind her did not stop in time and hit her at about
60 mph. The only thing that has helped the shoulder pain has been
using a heating pad or hot shower.

Patient had never been to a chiropractor before this. I believe her
shoulder pain was most likely from not getting proper treatment after
the MVA in 2020. It sometimes takes months to a year plus to realize
things were hurt more than a person knows after a wreck.
I did a comprehensive exam including a range of motion measurements
and orthopedic evaluation of the neck, and shoulders. She had reduced range of
motion on each shoulder. After determining it was safe for her to have an adjustment
without imaging, I treated her that same day. Adjusting full spine and adjustments to
the right and left shoulder, myofascial release was done on both shoulders for 4 mins
on each side. I had the patient do the range of motion actions again and she was
nearly at normal full range of motion. We saw her for 4 more sessions
and her pain was gone, had full range of motion and her chronic
headaches were gone as well. She says chiropractic changed her life.
It sure can make life much easier to live if everything is working