February is American Heart Month, a time when we all should stop and reinforce the importance of heart and cardiovascular health. That includes raising awareness and improving education on everything from heart disease and strokes to high blood pressure. It also means getting in the habit of scheduling routine physicals with our doctor.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans — more than all forms of cancer combined. And most of us have no idea we’re at risk. Brain-Body Connection Chiropractic urges everyone to take care of their hearts, and scheduling visits with a chiropractor can help.

Nerve interference puts pressure on your heart!

Chiropractic care addresses more than back or neck pain. It removes nerve interference and ensures your muscles, nerves, and bones are properly aligned and working in harmony. For example, the nerve in the upper back runs directly to your heart. If there is nerve interference or any misalignment in the spine, it can put pressure on the heart and reduce proper communication between the brain and body.

Chiropractic adjustments greatly support the nervous system and can help with the heart.

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It’s important to note that nerve interference isn’t the sole cause of high blood pressure or any other heart issues you may or may not be aware of. But if it is the cause, adjustments can dramatically improve your symptoms naturally. From there, and if the cause is addressed correctly, you may be able to work with your primary care doctor to get you off medications. Medications are sometimes needed, but the body works best if we figure out why it’s not working right and correct it.

Don’t forget about your overall health and how it’s affecting your heart

Nutrition is at the core of health. What makes Brain-Body Connection Chiropractic in Denton different is that we pride ourselves on offering additional services not found in other chiropractic offices, including being a valuable resource for your nutrition needs. A body that is constantly being filled with high-fat foods, sugars, etc., will be improperly fueled, overweight, dehydrated, and malnourished. And that can cause some serious heart complications down the line.

We work with some great nutritionists who can help with nutritional counseling if you need it. So, from helping you switch to an anti-inflammatory diet that includes plenty of green, leafy vegetables to going over food diaries, offering personal training, and being a Juice Plus representative, we have the resources to cater to practically every need.

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Dr. Twila Henderson and her experienced team can help if your goal is to live a pain-free life and have a healthier, happier heart. More than just a chiropractic clinic, our holistic approach blends balanced chiropractic techniques used to correct skeletal imbalances with a holistic approach to wellness that uncovers the real reason you are in pain – and then fixes it. Our services run the gamut and include everything from yoga classes to stretch therapy, spinal decompression, post-surgery recovery, and more.

With all of those health and wellness needs met under one roof, how can you not choose us?

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