The latest news from the coronavirus crisis is that gyms and other fitness centers are being allowed to reopen after weeks of having their doors shuttered. This is great news for many of our patients here at Brain-Body Connection Chiropractic, especially those of you who have struggled with not being able to have your normal workout routine!

But if your favorite gym isn’t quite open yet, you’re hesitant to get back out there among the masses, or you simply want to start working out from home, here are 7 easy bodyweight exercises you can do right now.

How beneficial are bodyweight exercises?

Working out doesn’t have to involve picking up free weights or using everyday workout machines at the gym. Using our own body weight can be just as effective in building lean muscle, burning fat, and simply keeping us active. In many cases, bodyweight exercises can be done along with your trips to the gym, so consider adding them even if you are going back to your normal routine.

Just a few of the amazing benefits of bodyweight exercises include:

  • They can be done anytime and anywhere
  • Improved balance and flexibility
  • A shorter, more efficient workout
  • Injury prevention (Good regardless of age or fitness level)
  • More variety
  • In some cases, you can burn fat faster
  • No equipment necessary

Bodyweight exercises you can do right now

If you search the Internet long enough, you’ll find a myriad of bodyweight exercises to match any fitness level. Here are a few simple ones to start with. And who knows, you may just find a new routine! Do three sets of 10 repetitions for each of these exercises.


To complete this exercise, stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and slightly turned out. Keep your weight in your heels as you lower your hips and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Drive through your heels to stand back up straight, squeezing your butt and keeping your core tight the entire time.


There are several variations to the push-up, including traditional, wide grip, and diamond. The basic premise is to start in a high plank position with your hands flat on the floor underneath you but a little bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your body rigid, bend your arms, and lower yourself as close to the floor as you can before pushing back up to the starting position.


We recommend basic high knees for many of our patients to help get blood flowing. With this cardio exercise, stand with your feet hip-width apart, and while running in place, bring your knees as high as possible toward your chest while pumping your arms. The key is to focus on always landing on the balls of your feet while keeping your core engaged.


Lying on the floor with your knees bent and your hands behind your head, slowly use your core to lift the top part of your body. Do this while keeping your feet planted on the ground. Do not use your hands to pull on your neck, as you could easily pull a muscle. To add variety, you can do bicycle crunches by bringing your right elbow to your left knee and then alternating sides.


Start in a high plank, similar to the starting position for a push-up, but this time have your elbows and arms resting on the ground below you. The goal is to engage your core and hold this position for as long as possible.


Dips are great for your triceps, upper chest, and trapezius muscles. For this exercise, you can use a chair, a bench, the edge of a sturdy coffee table, or even the side of your couch. Simply sit on your chair and place your hands so that your palms are down beside your hips and gripping the edge of the chair seat. Move your torso off the edge of the chair with your arms extended and breathe in as you slowly lower your body, hinging at the elbows until you form a 90-degree angle. Breathe out as you push up to the starting position.


There are many variations to doing lunges. The basic form is to stand with your feet together and take a big step forward with your right foot. Bend the right leg until your front thigh is parallel to the floor, and your back knee is barely touching the floor. Push up to return to the starting position and then repeat on the other side.

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