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Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Back, neck, and shoulder pain are three common reasons for chiropractic visits.

You don’t realize how much you rely on your back, neck, and shoulders for everyday activities until one or more of them have been injured or are out of alignment. Our team has several ways to get you back to functioning better in no time.

Back pain – Back pain, especially in the lower back, is quite common and usually results from injuries, degenerative spine problems, overuse, poor posture, or congenital issues that affect the natural alignment of the spine. A chiropractic adjustment removes nerve in-terference, aligns the skeletal system, and balances muscles. Long-term back pain may require multiple treatments and could also ben-efit from massage therapy, physiotherapy, muscle strengthening exercises, stretching, and more.

Neck and shoulder pain – Overuse, trauma, poor posture, and even using the wrong pillow at night can all lead to neck and shoulder pain. The neck and shoulders are often adjusted together in a chiropractic session because of how many muscles and nerve pathways they share; when the neck hurts, most people automatically restrict movement in their shoulders, leading to tension and spasms. Dr. Twila’s goal is to correct any alignment problems, allowing free movement, increased strength, and a reduction in pain and spasms.