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Physiotherapy, or physical rehabilitation, strengthen weak muscles, improves posture, and increases range of motion.

Chiropractic can improve body imbalances for many people, but for others who have limitations or lingering issues from injuries, surgeries, disabilities, poor posture, etc., it is just a small piece to their long-term health journey and should be combined with phys-iotherapy. Dr. Twila is a chiropractor who is also certified in physiotherapy; this unique combination of training and skills mean she is well-positioned to help relieve pain, restore strength, and promote function in her patients with physical rehabilitation techniques.

Physiotherapy has two major goals: relieve pain and help people regain mobility and function by retraining the body to move correct-ly. Brain-Body Connection Chiropractic’s physiotherapy area includes the following methods:

• Stretching muscles to improve range of motion and mobility
• Strengthen weak muscles (weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, etc.)
• Medical exercises
• Vibeplate (a stationary vibration platform for patients to do stretches and exercises on)
• Ultrasound
• Electronic stimulation (E-STEM)
• Myofascial release
• Spinal decompression