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Scoliosis can be corrected in children who are not fully developed through a blend of chiropractic adjustments and physical rehabilita-tion that focuses on correcting both skeletal and muscle imbalances.
Scoliosis is an excessive curvature of the spine that looks like a “C” or “S” shape and puts a ton of stress on muscles, ligaments, ten-dons, and even joints such as the hips. While degenerative scoliosis can occur in adults, most cases are first diagnosed in children between the ages of 10 and early teens. It’s a good idea to have every child evaluated by a chiropractor before they are fully grown. If left unresolved, scoliosis can cause lifelong issues for the patient. Dr. Twila can usually deliver results within a few months:

• Adjusting and working the imbalance of muscles
• Increasing mobility in joints through physiotherapy
• Incorporating exercises to strengthen and stretch muscles
• Constantly re-evaluating progression or regression throughout treatment and making modifications
Most parents don’t even realize their children suffer from this spinal abnormality until after they’ve been carefully evaluated. If you have a child who has scoliosis, give Dr. Twila a call today!!