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Many headaches can be resolved with simple chiropractic adjustments while others may be a sign of a deeper problem.
While many headaches are more of an occasional annoyance than anything else and can be treated quickly with rest, an ice pack, and pain medication, others are debilitating and can be a drain on your health. Migraines may be the best known of these, with symptoms ranging from nausea and vomiting to sensitivity to light and noise, dizziness, and more. If you are experiencing chronic headaches, the key is to figure out the root cause with a chiropractic headaches specialist. Your chiropractor can resolve many symptoms caused by alignment problems such as in the neck, but a true exam involves working with you to uncover additional triggers, including:

• Food allergies
• Genetics (family history)
• Postural problems
• Dehydration and Diet
• Extreme stress
• Hormones
Example case: A young patient came to us with headaches so severe that she was on the verge of failing her junior year of high school because she had missed too many days. In the process of working with her, Dr. Twila learned the patient wasn’t eating breakfast and wasn’t drinking water. On top of that, she had posture problems. By correcting posture, diet, getting her on a strict schedule of drink-ing lots of water, and focusing on total body alignment, we were able to resolve her headaches within a few sessions.