We all experience pain, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. And naturally, we all want to avoid it. With physical pain, it may be temporary like when you stub your pinky toe on the corner of the nightstand, or it could be chronic low back pain and headaches that linger for months or years. Our reaction is to wish it would go away on its own. We may even ask our doctor to prescribe medication to relieve the symptoms. But have you ever wondered why do we have pain, and what is it trying to tell us?

While it is possible to lead a pain-free life, the pain we do have is a good thing. It is an indicator that something is wrong, and it’s our body’s way of telling us, “you need to do something about this, or it will become worse.”

Through chiropractic, we try to find the cause of your pain and correct it rather than mask it.

Are you experiencing pain associated with any of the following conditions?

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Chiropractic care and treating the cause of your pain

The one thing that is common in the medical field is to treat pain with medication. This can be simple over-the-counter meds such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol or prescription drugs such as hydrocodone or codeine. While these methods will certainly alleviate your symptoms, they do nothing to treat the underlying cause of why you are in pain. In the worst-case scenario, they can create an addiction. At a minimum, they make us think we can keep doing the same activities that are likely causing our pain. Medications can also lead to unintended side effects.

Addressing the real reason you are in pain — and then fixing it — is one of the many benefits of chiropractic care. When a patient comes into our office at Brain-Body Connection Chiropractic in Denton, we do a complete evaluation to address everything from medical history to common ailments. Many times, the real reason for your pain could be because of:

  • Nerve interference
  • A pulled muscle
  • Skeletal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Poor diet (gut health) or lack of exercise
  • Poor posture

Simply put, people who regularly visit a chiropractor are less likely to use or rely on medication and other painkillers.

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We hope you enjoyed today’s blog post on why do we have pain, and what is it trying to tell us? Remember, the goal at Brain-Body Connection Chiropractic is to continue offering all your chiropractic and wellness needs under one roof. This allows us to treat everything from a backache to poor posture, range of motion issues, post-injury management, a herniated disc, scoliosis, and more. Sometimes, all you need is a quick adjustment from a chiropractor, but Dr. Twila Henderson and her growing team will always do a complete evaluation to see if more techniques are needed to help your brain and body function properly.

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